22 Men's Brass Bracelet

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Love sacrificially by counterculturally making a stand against pornography.

Viewing pornography is a major driving force behind the sex trafficking of children and adults.

Toha was one such girl. She is from Svay Pak, Cambodia, and at 14 years old had her virginity sold by her mother and was then trafficked to a brothel. Despite being moved and hidden, AIM was able to rescue her in just 22 days.

However, in those 22 days she was raped by 198 men

Toha cannot be left alone to stand up to evil men. It is the mandate on Christian men to stand beside her, to represent Christ Jesus, and stand up to the evil in the world.

Do not watch pornography, and may this bracelet be a symbol for all to see. 

The 22 Bracelet is made from leather and brass.

To learn more about the "22" campaign visit our website: