About AIM

Agape International Missions (AIM) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that fights human trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia through prevention, rescue, restoration, and reintegration.

AIM's Story

After learning about the issue of sex trafficking in Cambodia in 2005, Don and Bridget Brewster sold their home, Don gave up his position as Executive Pastor of Adventure Christian Church in Roseville, CA, and they moved to Cambodia to lead Agape International Missions (AIM).

Since 2005, Agape International Missions has been focused on stopping the cycle of sex trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia by preventing human trafficking and rescuing, restoring, and reintegrating survivors.

Our first project was focused on restoring girls who were rescued out of sex trafficking. Today, we have 12 programs that stop human trafficking through a holistic strategy. Learn about our programs here.

AIM's US staff are based in California and support our 300+ local Cambodian staff.

Our Holistic Approach

Defeating a complex, decentralized problem like child sex trafficking requires a holistic strategy that involves survivors, law enforcement and the community. Our programs PREVENT sex trafficking, and work to RESCUE, RESTORE and REINTEGRATE survivors of this horrible crime. Through this approach, AIM is committed to lifelong and community-wide transformation that is effective and lasting.

Each program has evolved out of a need we saw while working on the ground in Cambodia, and each program contributes to the success of the others. Read more about each of our programs and how we PreventRescueRestore, and Reintegrate below.


AIM Employment Centers

Each of the products you purchase from AIM Apparel was handcrafted by survivors of trafficking in one of our three AIM Employment Centers. Your purchase supports survivors as they Reintegrate back into Cambodian culture. Our employees at the employment centers receive healthcare, childcare, counseling, and continued language education, all while being compensated well above the national average.

Your purchase of our products directly impacts the lives of these rescued girls and allows us to continue combatting sex-trafficking. Thank you for your purchase!